Provisions is Moving

2 Nov

I received the following announcement in my email today. It seems Provisions will be closing its Jackson Ave. location and seeking to open in another locale. A sale of all remaining food and merchandise will be happening through Thursday, November 5, and the owners will be available via phone and email to fill catering orders until the new location opens.

Well, this is not the newsletter we looked forward to sending out
this week.  But it’s one that needs to be sent so as to keep you, our
favorite and loyal customers, informed about our situation.  As most of
you are aware, I am the sole owner of Provisions.  I opened my shop
three years ago when the economy was in a lot better shape, but even
then I took on more square footage
than I would have preferred.   Like many small businesses, we have
struggled, particularly over the past 12 months as the economy has
slowed dramatically.  I was hopeful we could ride it out, but high rent
and high overhead has finally taken its toll, and we’ve found ourselves
in quite a pickle (gourmet pun intended!)  We’re vacating our current
space by the end of this week, so the last official open date for our
current location will be THURSDAY NOVEMBER 4th.
We’re running a store-wide sale this week, so now is a great
time to stock your freezer or get a jump start on Christmas gifts at
sale prices!
We are working on “re-inventing” the concept of Provisions, by
finding an alternative home for our gourmet goodies (freezer, fridge
and shelf items) somewhere in Oxford, while also finding a commercial
kitchen from which to work. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.
Unfortunately, we are suspending food production for this
week’s game but we hope to be back in action, albeit in a slightly
different format, for the Tennessee and LSU games and for our
Thanksgiving menu. Beyond that, until things are settled, we plan to be
be available for special orders (we’ll be happy to deliver), catered
lunches, etc. Our phone number will not change, nor will our email
address, so please feel free to call us with any questions, concerns
and above all, any food needs you may have. You’ll be the first to know
when we’ve worked out the plans for “Provisions: Volume 2.”
I am incredibly grateful for your support and friendship these
past three years, as well as during this difficult transition period.
As anyone who has owned their own business
can attest, it’s the most grueling, challenging, humbling, yet
inspiring, fulfilling, and rewarding thing in the world. In short,
mistakes and all, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I hope it can
continue. So cross your fingers and hang tight. I’ll be in touch soon!
Provisions  662.513.0102

UPDATE 1/14: Read about the new location here

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