El Sombrero Hangs Up its Hat…for a Mariachi?

6 Jan

Probably not a big surprise to those who had visited El Sombrero in the past year or so, the decline of this West Jackson Avenue Mexican eatery has finally resulted in the owners closing its doors.

Thankfully, there are still quality Mexican restaurants in town such as Taqueria El Milagro to pick up the slack.

UPDATE 3/31/10: Did anyone else notice the new sign that went up on the old El Sombrero with the name El Mariachi? Wondering if it’s the same owners with a different name or someone new altogether. I’ll let you know what I find out.

UPDATE 9/15/10: Six months after a sign for El Mariachi went up on the old location of El Sombrero, the restaurant is now open and offering 10% off during its first days of business.

El Mariachi on Urbanspoon

One Response to “El Sombrero Hangs Up its Hat…for a Mariachi?”

  1. Katie December 30, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    This has taken the place of Tequilas as my new favorite Mexican restaurant. It’s food is so much more better than any other Mexican restaurant in Mississippi. I ordered the Chicken, Cheese and Rice which is a p5 at Tequilas and it’s a 10 on my scale where Tequilas is a 7.5

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