Rooster’s Kicks Up Dust in Como

19 Aug

While many Como, Mississippi, residents are happy to see an outpost of Rooster’s Blues House moving into Como’s Historic Preservation District on Main Street, several members of the Como Historic Preservation Commission (CHPC) are up in arms over some of the modifications that owner Scott Michaels is making to the exterior of the building that once housed The Ranch.

An article in The Panolian last Friday gave details of a meeting packed with townspeople who no doubt were defending both the preservation of the building and the added revenue stream Rooster’s would bring to Como. To see the full article, click here.

2 Responses to “Rooster’s Kicks Up Dust in Como”

  1. natalie October 18, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

    Went in to check in the new place in Como. Hubby and I usually go to Windy City Grill just a couple of steps down the street. We went in sat at the bar..had to ask the waitress if there was any kind of desert…..because there was none listed on the menu. We ended up ordering 3 beers and a piece of pecan pie. Our bill was $20.00. We were charged $4.00/beer ,and $7.00 for a peice of pecan pie. None of these prices were on the menu. We are usually very good tippers, and probably would have been frequent patrons of this place, but these prices seemed extremely high. The prices on the menu seemed very reasonable, but there was no beer or dessert prices listed in the menu, so we had no idea it was going to be so high. We would have gone to Windy City Grill as usual and paid $2.75/ beer. As I said, the menu looked good, but make sure and check the prices before you order!

    This place will not make it in Como with these prices! Give me something for my money! Surely this place doesnt really charge $4.00 for a beer!

  2. Picky Eater October 6, 2010 at 7:27 am #

    We were at Rooster’s for dinner recently after hearing the food far surpassed anything else in Como.

    The beer was fabulous. We should have stuck with that!

    The menu is small without much of a selection. The prices werent bad BUT after we got our food, I thought it was overpriced ($12 for one catfish filet??? seriously!)

    I ordered the Shrimp and Grits and Mac and Cheese. My very first bite was disguisting. The sauce they use on the Shrimp and Grits taste horribly like mayo and it was cold. There might have been 6 shrimp and they were of the smaller nature. It quickly got passed to my date who graciously added salt, pepper and hot sauce just to make it eddible. The Mac and Cheese was nothing fabulous especially with it being room temperature.

    After swapping entrees, I had the catfish. It was decent–nothing close to the fish at Old Taylor Grocery–The cheese grits were not bad. Could have been warmer but the hush puppies were disguisting. I think they might have been left over from lunch with the texture and temperature.

    Needless to say, It was disappointing. We both wished we had gone to the Steakhouse!!!

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