Wing Fans Lose Wing Fanatic

28 Aug

After several years—and a move from University to Jackson Avenue—it looks like Oxford’s Wing Fanatic has served its last wing. For those wondering what happened, it appears that the wings and burgers restaurant that specializes in 50 flavors of wings is relocating to Birmingham, Alabama, with a new 1,500-square-foot store scheduled to open at the beginning of September (see details here).

As for the current Wing Fanatic building…it’s currently for lease and awaiting its next entrepreneur.

2 Responses to “Wing Fans Lose Wing Fanatic”

  1. Bob August 29, 2010 at 2:23 am #

    When I visited the Wing Fanatic store on Jackson Avenue, I remarked: “This place is big enough to park three or four 747’s!  How can they fill an aircraft hanger with just wing fanatics.”.  Well, apparently there’s money in dem dere wings, because the new location clocks in at 1,500 sq-ft.  Whew!

    As for what to do with the old location?  Maybe they can use it for Indoor Tennis.

    • Shanna August 30, 2010 at 8:30 am #

      Well, apparently Ole Miss has an ice hockey team, so they should turn the location into an ice rink! Seriously, I will miss WF: the best wings around and I only tried 37 of the sauces (yes, I kept count). I will never know what root beer wings taste like now….

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