Fotino’s Deli Closes

2 Oct

After just over six months in business, Fotino’s Deli has closed its doors. I have to admit that I was a bit shocked to hear this news, especially since the deli was regularly offering coupons and specials and always seemed to be ahead of the game when it came to what Oxonians were asking for—breakfast, late hours on weekends, a website in the works, etc.

I fear that Fotino’s may have fallen victim to high rent costs on the Square; without the help of alcohol sales, it’s difficult for many businesses to afford the rent that often tops $4,000 per month.

UPDATE 10/31/10: I recently received the following note from Fotino’s owner David Skutnik:

Unfortunately there were many factors that lead to our closing. Rent was one of them, along with this was the constant problems with the hvac systems in the building which cost us 1000’s to repair. But, being primarily a lunch spot, our number one problem was parking. It was hard for people to find parking close to the store. I hope that in the future the city will do something about the parking situation. There are many spots around the square that have been designated “loading areas” which could have been parking spots for patrons. Anyone parking in them now are towed. We had a great time while we were open and thank everyone who supported us.
–David Skutnik

If anyone has any additional details on the closure, please email

One Response to “Fotino’s Deli Closes”

  1. Rebelyell October 3, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    I had heard business was below what they needed. Sorry to see them go.

    I must say, “a website in the works” doesn’t sound to me like they had all their bases covered. It takes four to six hours and a few beers to create a simple website and web hosting costs almost nothing. I’m surprised when I find businesses that don’t have websites.

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