A Look Back: College Inn and Mistilis Cafe

26 Oct

credit: SFA

I recently stumbled across a Southern Foodways interview transcript dating back to 2004 between Amy Evans and longtime local restaurateur Angelo Mistilis. If you’ve never read it, set aside a few minutes to take a look. Click here for the interview.

It’s interesting to read about how restaurants in Oxford were operated back in the ’20s and 30s (including how they used to keep live chickens out back and cook them to order). Mistilis even discusses how he helped Pat Patterson open the Oxford Steak Company and Abbeville Catfish.

credit: SFA

Have you been to any of the restaurants mentioned in the interview? Share your story with EatingOxford.com.

One Response to “A Look Back: College Inn and Mistilis Cafe”

  1. P.S. King September 15, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    Looking back at the blur that was my first college experience from 1981-1985, the memories of going to Mistilis are still among the best and most vivid. At the time, and for many years after, I didn’t realize the rich and wonderful history of the Mistilis family and their contribution to the culinary delights of Oxford. Known to me as Uncle Angelo (since I was dating one of his nephews), Angelo Mistilis was, and I am certain still is, a delightful, gregarious man who always regaled me with no-nonsense advise about doing well in school as well as in life.

    Now that I have returned to Ole Miss as a pharmacy student, I long for a bit of Uncle Angelo’s wisdom and even more for the fish sandwich that I always ordered at his restaurant. It was truly a wonderful place.

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