Survey Results

23 Dec

credit: pink sherbet photography

This past October, ran a survey of restaurant habits asking Oxonians three questions about how they choose where to dine, and what they think is missing from the Oxford restaurant scene. More than 100 people responded; many of the responses are shown below. If you’re interested in seeing the full results, contact me at

1. When choosing a restaurant, how important are the following factors (only the top choices are shown):

proximity to my home – somewhat important (44.5%)

proximity to the Square – not at all important (51.4%)

quality of food – very important (87.6%)

customer service – very important (53.1%)

cleanliness – very important (50.9%)

price – important (48.2%)

availability of wine/alcohol – important (33.9%)

outdoor seating – not at all important (50.4%)

2. Which restaurant do you dine at most frequently in Oxford, and why?

Answers were all over the map on this one, with popular standouts being Ravine, Rice & Spice, Boure and Ajax.

3. Is there a type of restaurant you believe Oxford is missing?

Again, many opinions here, showing that Oxonians never lose their hunger for something new. Some of most popular responses included: Authentic Italian, vegetarian, steak house, Authentic Chinese, Dairy Queen, high-quality seafood, a great deli, Vietnamese, Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings, street food vendors, Ethiopian, Tapas, Cuban, French, wine flight/cheese flight hot spot

Thanks to all who participated! And don’t forget to continue using the comment cards when you’re dining at your favorite local restaurants.

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