Fate of City-Run Farmer’s Market Decided

9 May

According to an article by Alyssa Schnugg in today’s Oxford Eagle, “After several heated meetings and discussion between city officials, members of the Farmers’ Market Committee and members of the Mid-Town Farmers’ Market on the creation of a city-run market, the necessary legislation needed to form [[a new city-run]] market died in committee in Jackson, MS. For the city to run the market, it needed approval from the Mississippi Legislature in the form of ‘local and private legislation.’ That bill, sponsored by Oxford Rep. Brad Mayo, died on the last day of the legislative session.

“‘We finished three days early and it caught the local and private committee by surprise, I think,’ Mayo said Tuesday. ‘The bill got in a little late as well. There were about 40 bills that died. It didn’t die for any other reason but time.’”


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