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What’s Your BMI?

11 Jan


trey herron skinnys

If you don’t know your BMI, or even what the letters stand for (it’s Body Mass Index, by the way), you’re not alone. It’s OK though, because Trey Herron, co-owner of the new Skinny’s Nutrition Studio at 1619 West Jackson has been helping folks figure out how to get healthier for the past 20 years!

To find out everything about Skinny’s and Trey, check out my article “The Skinny on Skinny’s Nutrition Studio” that posted today on


You Said It: Best Customer Service in Oxford

15 Aug

On August 8, asked its Facebook and Twitter followers to complete the following sentence: The restaurant in Oxford with the absolute best customer service is _________________.

Check out the results below to see if you agree.

Responses on Facebook

Stacey Wall: City Grocery

Wendy Chambers Carmean: Tie- snackbar and BBB

Chandler Laws: Hit or miss. Boure or snackbar

Jeff Huffman: Oby’s

Laurie Levy Walker: I hate to mention a chain because I love supporting local restaurants but I can’t believe the customer service at Chick-fil-A. I have never seen anything like it at a fast food restaurant.

Shannon McLaughlin: I actually was going to say Chick-fil-A too! I mean they walk you out with an umbrella!

Nicole Brunner: Kabuki

Donna Wells Sullivan: Chick-fil-A for sure!

Sherie Bailey Holland: Noodle Bowl!

Michele Yared: I second Noodle Bowl! And the gentleman that owns Petra really makes you feel at home as well.

Tracey Hunt Wicker: Chick-fil-A

Sarah Holland: Ravine!!!

Davey Keys: Marquis Chevron or Handy Andy

Jennifer Revels Trossevin: Chevron!!!

Bill DeJournett: Rice ‘n Spice

Responses on Twitter

@kylekite: Honestly, Chick-fil-A, by far.

@LarryKegley: Chick-fil-A, McEwen’s

@ggordon21: New Hunan

@benlindsey: Applebee’s

@MegMcCormick1: Chick-fil-A!

New Video!

16 Jul

I just finished having a video produced to help promote and, of course, I wanted to share it with all of you first!

Click here or on the photo above to launch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Want to find out how to have a similar video made for your own business? Ask me how at!


Liz Barrett,

Diner Loyalty Pays Off in Oxford

17 Jun

Are you taking advantage of the frequent diner loyalty cards available around Oxford? Deals vary from “Buy 9 Get the 10th Free” to “Dine 5 Times and Get $10 Off”.

Not all restaurants publicize the fact that they have these cards, so if you dine out a lot, ask your server if your favorite restaurant offers a frequent diner card. If they don’t currently have one, maybe your inquiry will inspire them to start a program.

I’ve listed some of the cards offered around Oxford below. If you know of one I’ve left off the list, please let me know so I can pass along the information to others.

  • Bop’s Frozen Custard – Buy 10 get one free
  • Christy’s – Buy 10 burger/sandwich baskets, get the 10th free
  • Jimmy John’s – Buy 10 sandwiches, get one free
  • Kabuki – Dine 5 times, receive $10 off next visit
  • Lenny’s Sub Shop – Purchase 9 subs, get one free
  • McAlister’s Deli – LoyalTea Club gives free tea after so many tea purchases
  • Monkey’s Back – Purchase 9 meals, get the 10th free
  • Old Venice Pizza Company – Free meal after a given number of purchases
  • Panini – Buy 9 sandwiches, get the 10th free
  • Pita Pit – Receive one point for every dollar spent to go toward future purchases
  • Smoothie King – Buy 9 smoothies, get the 10th free
  • YaYa’s Frozen Yogurt

Campus-Based Lenoir Dining Reopens

19 Feb

Following a six-month renovation of its kitchen and dining room, Lenoir Dining has reopened. Housed inside Lenoir Hall on Sorority Row, Lenoir Dining is an educational operation within the Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management at Ole Miss. The student-run restaurant seats 40 and offers students hands-on experience in all aspects of restaurant operations.

The menu at Lenoir changes weekly, with each meal consisting of a drink, freshly made bread of the day, soup or salad, entree and dessert. The restaurant is open Tuesdays for lunch and dinner and Thursdays for lunch. The cost is $7 for students, faculty and staff; $10 for all others.

More information, as well as the weekly menu can be found online here.

Mark Your Calendars for the Annual Empty Bowls Pantry Fundraiser

15 Jan

Empty Bowls Pantry Fundraiser

February 9, 2012

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Oxford-University Methodist Church

North 9th St. and University Ave. (parking available in church lot located on Tyler Ave. and 10th St.)

A bowl of soup, bread, and a bottle of water will be served. Attendees will choose their own collector’s bowl, crafted and donated by the Ole Miss Mud Daubers and local potters, as a reminder of the meal’s purpose…that someone’s bowl is always empty. Survey Results

23 Dec

credit: pink sherbet photography

This past October, ran a survey of restaurant habits asking Oxonians three questions about how they choose where to dine, and what they think is missing from the Oxford restaurant scene. More than 100 people responded; many of the responses are shown below. If you’re interested in seeing the full results, contact me at

1. When choosing a restaurant, how important are the following factors (only the top choices are shown):

proximity to my home – somewhat important (44.5%)

proximity to the Square – not at all important (51.4%)

quality of food – very important (87.6%)

customer service – very important (53.1%)

cleanliness – very important (50.9%)

price – important (48.2%)

availability of wine/alcohol – important (33.9%)

outdoor seating – not at all important (50.4%)

2. Which restaurant do you dine at most frequently in Oxford, and why?

Answers were all over the map on this one, with popular standouts being Ravine, Rice & Spice, Boure and Ajax.

3. Is there a type of restaurant you believe Oxford is missing?

Again, many opinions here, showing that Oxonians never lose their hunger for something new. Some of most popular responses included: Authentic Italian, vegetarian, steak house, Authentic Chinese, Dairy Queen, high-quality seafood, a great deli, Vietnamese, Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings, street food vendors, Ethiopian, Tapas, Cuban, French, wine flight/cheese flight hot spot

Thanks to all who participated! And don’t forget to continue using the comment cards when you’re dining at your favorite local restaurants.

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