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Supporting a Sustainable Oxford

11 Apr

Photo: FarmToMenu

Part of what makes Oxford, Mississippi, so unique is the widespread feeling of support for local businesses. The new website http://www.FarmToMenu.com is the perfect testament to this ideal. Launched by Daniel Morrow (some of you may know him as the Oxford Music Snob), the site focuses on showcasing local growers and the restaurants in Oxford that help support them.

More and more we see a growing trend toward sustainability and the purchase of local ingredients. As Daniel points out, it’s not always easy to know who is supporting this movement, and even some restaurateurs may not fully understand how easy it can be to incorporate fresh, locally grown ingredients into their menu offerings.

Through the site FarmToMenu.com, local farmers and restaurateurs have the opportunity to post information, photos and videos about themselves. Consumers can then find exactly where to go if they’re searching for locally obtained meats and vegetables. It’s a site you’ll want to bookmark and revisit often as I’m sure it will continually be updated.

Some restaurants already listed in the directory include:

  • Ravine
  • Honeybee Bakery
  • Emileigh’s Table
  • Big Bad Breakfast
  • Tallulah’s Kitchen
  • Snackbar
  • Boure
  • Bottletree Bakery
  • Deli News

Hot Off The Press

23 Feb

Photo: Food Network

With more than 40 different sandwiches already available, The Deli News on Jackson Avenue now has a panini press on hand to toast them up for you. Can’t you just see the oozing cheese and crunchy grill marks now?

Like hot stuff? Try the deli’s new spicy chicken salad Sonny calls El Gallo del Diablo (The Devil’s Rooster).

Deli News on Urbanspoon

A Sandwich Story

20 Jan

While this may be common knowledge to those who have lived in Oxford for years, new students who came into town this semester may be interested to know that while they’re sitting inside The Deli News eating a corned beef and Swiss with spicy mustard on rye, there’s a reason the sandwich is called the Times. And, when they’re biting into a hearty meat lover’s sandwich, such as the Obit, careful planning is hidden behind its ingredients and name.

Most of all, students may find it interesting to know that co-owner Sonny Clark was a journalism major at Ole Miss when he opened The Deli News 10 years ago, taking inspiration from newspapers around the country when designing his menu. So the next time you sit down at one of the newspaper-covered tables chomping on a Standard or a Tribune, ask Sonny how newspapers lead him down the path to a successful sandwich business–and find out the story behind your lunch.

Deli News on Urbanspoon

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