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Do I Smell Bread Baking?

13 Jan

Have you ever bought a loaf of bread from Honey Bee Bakery or one of the local stores that carry it such as the Farmer’s Market on N. Lamar? Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to make your own bread at home?

Honey Bee Bakery is now offering a class at the Ole Miss Division of Outreach  and Continuing Education titled Artisan Breads: Introduction to Bread Making by Hand

In the class, you’ll learn to make artisan breads such as rustic style European breads, sprouted whole grain breads and soft, buttery dinner rolls. Skills covered will include:

  • creating yeast doughs
  • kneading and shaping loaves
  • decorating and baking loaves

A one-time $95 fee covers all three classes and includes the ingredients and tools needed to make the breads, printed recipes and the fruit of your labor. Enrollment is limited to 10 people and will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Instructor: Shannon Adams
Date: January 26, 27, & 28
Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Location: Honey Bee Bakery, 2305 W. Jackson Ave. Suite 202
Fee: $95

If you’re interested in this class you can register at: Ole Miss Division of Outreach  and Continuing Education (While on the site, check out other classes offered for foodies as well, such as Restaurant Dessert 101, Italian Cooking, Cake Decorating, Chinese Cuisine and more.)

Contact Leteria McDonald McGee at lmcdonal@olemiss.edu or (662) 915-1299 for more information.

A Holiday Gift to Oxford Vegetarians

28 Dec

After receiving an email from a concerned Oxford consumer about the unexpected addition of bacon in her salad while dining in a new restaurant in Oxford, I thought I’d address the diverse eating habits here in town. As someone with several friends who have lessened–or stopped altogether–their consumption of meat, I have observed restaurants that accommodate these special diets as well as those who blatantly disregard them.

As a University-based town, people move to Oxford, Mississippi, from all parts of the country as well as overseas. While they are aware that they are coming to the South (famous for its pork-based menu items), those who are vegetarians are also arriving with an expectation that there will be at least one meat-free option on a restaurant’s menu (not including fries). In addition, with so many more people concerned about where their meat is coming from nowadays, we’re seeing even more people transitioning over to a meat-free lifestyle.

Thankfully, there are several restaurants in Oxford that have included vegetarian options/entrees on their menus. Most vegetarians have learned, from experience, to ask about every ingredient (right down to the bacon fat used to make some biscuits and fries), and many restaurant owners have addressed consumer concerns and taken steps to make their establishments more vegetarian friendly.

Below is a list of Oxford restaurants with vegetarian options (at least one); if I’ve left anyone out, please let me know by commenting here or emailing me at foodie@eatingoxford.com. If you’re a vegetarian who likes to cook at home as well, check out the 101 Cookbooks blog. Thank you to all of the restaurant owners/operators who are sympathetic to the dietary needs of Oxford residents. To others, please consider adding an option to your menu or a note that invites vegetarians to ask their server for meat-free versions of existing menu items.

  • Red House Burgers & Blues
  • Tallulah’s/Catfish One
  • Panini
  • Deli News
  • Marie’s Lebanese Cuisine
  • Turkuaz Cafe
  • Kabuki
  • Yocona in Exile
  • The Bungalow
  • Ajax Diner
  • Big Bad Breakfast (if you eat eggs)
  • Boure (lunch menu)
  • Chili’s
  • Taqueria El Milagro
  • Maharaja Indian Cuisine
  • Parrish-Baker Pub
  • McAlister’s Deli
  • Bottletree Bakery
  • Honeybee Bakery
  • Two Stick
  • Newk’s
  • Bangkok Thai
  • Frank & Marlee’s
  • Nagoya Japanese
  • O.E.C. Japanese Express
  • Proud Larry’s
  • Volta Taverna
  • Oby’s
  • Phillips Grocery
  • Old Venice Pizza Co.
  • Downtown Grill
  • Varsity Grille
  • Ravine
  • Castle Hill Resort & Restaurant
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