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John T. on BBQ

15 Mar

credit: Yvonne Boyd

There aren’t many people I know that don’t enjoy pulling up a seat to some good barbecue. Knowing this, the website KevinsBBQJoints.com recently caught up with Oxford’s John T. Edge to ask him about some of his favorite spots for picking up some smoky goodness.

Sadly, Oxford didn’t make the list (I’m hoping this will change at some point in the near future), but there are several others within driving distance for those who care to go on a barbecue fact-finding mission.

Check out the full article here, complete with mouth-watering photos.

Eat on the Street

4 Jan

One of the biggest trends for 2009–and expecting to grow throughout 2010–is street food. Here in Oxford, you’re probably most familiar with the late-night hot dog and corn dog carts that set up shop to feed hungry drinkers on The Square, but all over the country vendors are setting up carts with everything from tacos to grilled cheese to peanut butter and jelly throughout the day. And, fans are following Twitter–instead of their noses–to find their way to the food.

The food blogging site SeriousEats.com recently touched on the trend by providing a regional listing of popular food cart vendors from places such as California, New York and North Carolina (check the list here).

And, Oxford’s own John T. Edge has been working on a new book he’s named Truck Food Nation specifically about this topicĀ (get a sneak peek here).

Always wanting to stay on trend, there have been rumors about someone opening a taco cart in Oxford. I would personally LOVE that, and with the amount of Mexican restaurants already in Oxford, I have to assume that others would flock to it as well. What’s your opinion? Let us know by commenting here or emailing foodie@eatingoxford.com.

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