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Catfish Lovers Only!

11 Aug

Did you know that August is National Catfish Month? I don’t think I ever¬†tried catfish before visiting Oxford five years ago, and now that I live here, I eat it all the time!

In honor of catfish month, I’ve attempted to name all of the local restaurants in which you can quell your catfish cravings. If you go through the entire list below, you should be able to hit a different place every day for nearly the rest of the month!

Let me know if I’ve left out one of your favorites.

  • Ajax Diner – southern fried catfish, southern fried catfish po-boy (lunch/dinner), black eyed pea and catfish cakes (dinner)
  • Bangkok Thai – Siam spicy catfish
  • City Grocery – grilled ginger catfish (lunch)
  • Foxfire Ranch – catfish sandwich (Sundays)
  • Frank & Marlee’s – fried catfish po-boy, fried catfish filets
  • Irie – catfish bites, fried catfish po-boy, fried catfish filet, 10 oz. ribeye with catfish filet
  • Laws Hill Fish House – catfish combination plates
  • McEwen’s – blackened catfish (lunch), sweet potato crusted catfish (dinner)
  • Oby’s – catfish platter, cajun catfish po-boy
  • Phillips Grocery – catfish sandwich, catfish basket
  • Proud Larry’s – Creole catfish sandwich
  • Red Onion – catfish buffet, catfish sandwich
  • Rice & Spice – crispy catfish salad
  • Rooster’s – catfish bites, fried catfish po-boy
  • Taylor Grocery – blackened, grilled or fried catfish¬†on a variety of combination platters
  • The Sizzler – several catfish variations, including a whole fried catfish

Tupelo Too?

8 Jan

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking for a change of scenery, I venture out to Southaven, Memphis or Tupelo on the weekend. Recently, I’ve noticed that several Oxford restaurants have been popping up in Tupelo, making me feel like I never left Oxford. Have you recognized these familiar storefronts while in Tupelo (large chains not included)?

Old Venice Pizza Company
McAlister’s Deli
Varsity Grille
Oby’s (coming soon)

Do you feel that Oxford loses a bit of its charm when local restaurateurs venture into other cities, or that growth is good for both the restaurateur and the customers because it will all eventually trickle down and translate into improvements for Oxford as well?

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