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24-Ounce Burger Challenge

20 Nov

This is a photo of a hamburger bed while I wait for a photo of the real burger!

I’m currently eating my way through New Jersey and New York. Otherwise, I’d be pulling up a chair at Red House Burgers & Blues to try the new 24-ounce Delta Burger covered in cheese and bacon. The hefty burger will cost you $25, but is completely free if you can polish it off in under an hour along with the accompanying fries. Think of the photos, the bragging rights, and the tasty factor. Personally, I’d add caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms to the burger. You may as well go all out, right?

Please send along a photo if you have one; I’d love to post the successes–and attempts–here on EatingOxford.com.

Red House Feeds the Craving

14 Dec

If you haven’t eaten at Red House Burgers & Blues yet, do yourself a favor and head over today. Tucked in the alley behind The Lyric, this cozy restaurant and bar offers what your stomach has been yearning for and what your wallet deserves during the holidays.

Whether you order a grilled cheese sandwich like mom used to make with the kitchen’s popular grilled onions and mushrooms, a burger, cheese steak sandwich, or catfish (available Friday and Saturday), the prices are easy on your pocketbook and the food is oh so yummy for your tummy!

Red House on Urbanspoon

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