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Help Set a World Record while Raising Money for The Pantry

21 Feb

This St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness is attempting to set a new Guinness World’s Record for the Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ever.

EatingOxford.com has been selected to help Guinness reach its goal, and in return, for every person who pledges to join the Guinness party on St. Patrick’s Day (and enters the code OXFO), EatingOxford.com will be able to make a donation to a charity of its choice. I have chosen The Pantry, Oxford’s local food bank.

Help make history–while helping our local Pantry! Simply visit Guinness.com  and click Count Me In after validating your age to join the party. Then just enter your first name–and the most important part–the optional code OXFO. This will ensure that your pledge counts toward Oxford!

Please pass along this post to help effortlessly raise funds for the Pantry.

Remember to drink responsibly this coming St. Patrick’s Day!


A Time for Sharing

10 Dec

We sometimes take for granted the fact that we’re able to go out to eat on a whim while others in our community may be struggling to feed their family that day.

While hunger is a problem we should be thinking about all year, the holidays seem to be the time of year that the topic comes up the most–a time when family is together and everyone is more inclined to share with others.

So this year, between all of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and party planning, think of how you can help feed another family by contacting one of Oxford’s local donation centers such as The Pantry, which feeds around 100 families each week.

Consider heading up a food drive at your place of employment; it doesn’t take much for everyone to go through their cupboards or do a little inexpensive shopping. All you have to do is gather up the items and deliver them.

You’ll walk away from the experience feeling some of what the holidays are truly all about.

  • The Pantry: 662-915-7421, 713 Molly Barr Rd. (next to the Oxford Police Dept.)
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