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Hot Dog Dare at Blind Pig

4 Jan

Love hot dogs? Willing to stand behind that statement by attempting the Double Dog Dare at Blind Pig?

The Double Dog Dare consists of four 1/4 lb. hot dogs on two 10-inch kaiser rolls smothered in red bean and beef chili, cheddar cheese sauce, onions, tomatoes, jalepenos and bacon.

Finish it in 10 minutes and it’s FREE!

Have you done it? Send me a photo of your victory and I’ll post it here on EatingOxford.com.

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Breakfast at The Pig

11 May

Ready for yet another morning hangout? The Blind Pig is now serving breakfast and things are sounding pretty darn tasty. Available Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., you have your choice of the following:

Sausage Sliders: bite-size sausage patty, American cheese, dill pickle, onions and mustard on a dinner roll

Pancho Villa’s Breakfast: breakfast burrito loaded with scrambled eggs, grilled sausage, diced tomatoes, onions, peppers and salsa

Huevos El Diablo Breakfast: chili cheese breakfast burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs, chili, jalepeno, diced onion, tomatoes, bell peppers, sour cream, cheddar cheese and spicy pepper sauce

The Dear Doctor’s Favorite Breakfast: Dr. Seuss-inspired burrito packed with scrambled eggs, black forest ham, grilled portobello mushrooms, onions, sour cream and salsa

Mama Kat’s Klassic Breakfast: three scrambled eggs, two sausage patties and buttery toast

The Jack Stack: classic stack of buttermilk flapjacks served with butter, syrup and optional whipped cream

The Blind Pig Breakfast: two buttermilk flapjacks, two cheesy sausage sliders, three scrambled eggs and a slice of toast

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The new lunch menu is posted below as well:

Court Sides With Restaurant

25 Apr

Rumors can be laid to rest after Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey ruled in favor of Blue Pan Grille owners John and Jack Garlock in their case against First Presbyterian Church of Oxford. Lackey further ruled that the Garlocks should be allowed to return back to the property and be given a reasonable amount of time to make any needed repairs and improvements. The Garlocks will be counter suing the church for revenue they claim they lost during the time that they’ve been unable to operate their business.

An article by Alyssa Schnugg in last Friday’s Oxford Eagle provides additional details. A synopsis follows:

“In January, Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey ruled the First Presbyterian Church had no grounds to evict the owners of the Blue Pan Grille.

“First Presbyterian Church of Oxford owns a lot adjacent to the church that faces South 11th Street. In November 2005, the church leased 4,000 square feet of the property to Maher Alqasas who opened The Oxford Steak House. In July 2007, Alqasas sub-leased the property to John and Jack Garlock and their company Petra LLC. The sublease was negotiated by Dr. Don Newcomb on behalf of the church.

“John Garlock and his father, Jack, opened Petra in July 2007 and then later closed that restaurant and opened the Blue Pan Grille. The Garlocks subleased a portion of the property to Kenny Draper who opened The Red House, which occupies one-third of the original 4,000 square feet. In the spring of 2009, the church began to have reservations about the Garlocks’ lease after they claim the Garlocks made several late rent payments.

“In September 2009, the Garlocks proposed to sublease the Blue Pan Grille space to David Moore, owner of The Blind Pig, which lost its lease on another location on the Square. Newcomb told the two parties the church would have to approve the sublease. The Blind Pig submitted designs for alterations and improvements to the space and hired a contractor. A portion of an interior wall was demolished. When the church realized demolition work had begun without its permission, a local contractor was hired to inspect the property and concluded that up to $80,000 in repairs were needed.

“The church notified the Garlocks they were in material breach of contract and instructed them not to return to the property and alleged the Garlocks failed to maintain the premises, failed to obtain written permission to sublease the property and failed to obtain the approval of plans to alter the church’s property.

“The matter went before Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey in October. In January, Lackey granted the Garlocks’ motion for summary judgment, saying there was no breach of lease by the Garlocks. According to Lackey’s ruling, the church failed to prove damage done by the Garlocks. Lackey also said the breach was caused by The Blind Pig who ‘misinterpreted the authority of Dr. Don Newcomb to speak on behalf of (the church).'”

Blind Pig Closes for Good–or Maybe Not…

6 Nov

Word around town is that the Blind Pig Pub & Deli has closed its doors indefinitely. The original plan to relocate to the former location of Blue Pan Grille has been scrapped due to lack of funding.

The Pig’s welcome vibe and friendly bartenders will be missed by many!

UPDATE 12/16/09: Word around town is that The Blind Pig Pub & Deli will be reopening in the basement of the newly reopened Thompson House on the corner of Lamar and Jackson. We’ll let you know more as updates become available.

UPDATE 1/6/10: The lease has been signed on the new location in the basement of the Thompson House and work has begun.

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The Ghost Soldier–Creepy or Cool?

27 Oct

OK, I’m confused.

I went into The Ghost Soldier the other day to pick up a menu and check out the new digs (it’s in the spot where Blind Pig once stood if you’re wondering). I was under the impression that it was going to be turned into some type of Ole Miss memorabilia bar, but it had a very stark and uninviting atmosphere. Maybe it has something to do with the name Ghost Soldier, or maybe they aren’t through decorating?

I’m also having a hard time grasping how that name will roll off a person’s tongue when they’re looking for the next bar to hit on a Saturday night: “Hey guys, let’s go down some shots at The Ghost Soldier.” I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

I did, however, find out that they’ve added Adirondack chairs to the back patio, which should be nice on a warm summer day. Plus, they’ve kept a soup/salad/sandwich theme going in the space and are offering menu items such as a grilled chicken salad; California club sandwich; broccoli and cheese soup; and a build-your-own-sandwich option.

If you have your own thoughts/impressions, please let me know at foodie@eatingoxford.com

Blue Pan Closes and Blind Pig takes its Spot

6 Oct

Well, not a huge surprise to most who tried it–or attempted to try it (they didn’t offer a full menu most of the time)–the Blue Pan Grille has shut its doors, opening a pathway for Blind Pig Pub and Deli to move into the abandoned space.

Rumor has it that the building Blind Pig was occupying was sold to investors who will be opening their own Ole Miss-themed bar. The outcome is yet to be seen as both locations are feverishly working to finish construction and open/reopen in time to take full advantage of those student dollars.

See updates about Blind Pig here

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