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New Restaurant in Ghost Soldier Location

19 Oct

Everyone has been talking about the new restaurant that’s preparing to open in the old location of the Ghost Soldier at 132 Courthouse Square. Rumors report that it’s going to be called Round Table and will house a round table that invites guests to sit with others in a communal setting. An upstairs bar will offer refreshments and a refurbished back patio will let you soak in the sun (or stars, depending on the time of day).

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Ghost Soldier Reappears

19 Feb

With renovations apparently put on hold for the time being, The Ghost Soldier has reopened this week, with plans to start serving a full menu by the middle of next week.

I’m thoroughly confused…

UPDATE 3/4/10: Have you noticed that the sign came down on the exterior of The Ghost Soldier? Is there a name change in the works?

UPDATE 3/12/10: Just heard owners may change the Ghost Soldier theme from sports to Irish…

UPDATE 4/06/10: There is now a “For Rent” sign on the Ghost Soldier. Any takers?

UPDATE 6/11/10: Construction is underway inside the old Ghost Soldier. Word is that there’s a new bar and restaurant on its way.

The Ghost Soldier – Take 2

14 Nov


I have some promising news to report regarding the future of The Ghost Soldier…

It turns out that the bar’s owners have plans to shut down during the month of December in order to make several exciting improvements to the space, including building an upstairs patio above the existing one, expanding the current menu and introducing a cigar menu, and inviting bands to come and perform. Oh yes, and a new name is currently in the works!

In the meantime, for all of you who are still missing Murff’s, you can find Louie serving up drinks at The Ghost Soldier’s back bar. “Cheers!”

UPDATE 1/12:  Not quite sure what’s going on here. The original plan was to redesign this bar during the holiday break, but something tells me that the owners may not have gotten city approval for their plans. I’ve kept an eye on the place and nothing appears to be happening. If anyone has any news they’d like to share, please let me know at foodie@eatingoxford.com. Otherwise, I’ll continue my own search for information and let you know what I find out.

UPDATE 1/23: On Dec. 7, architect Corey Alger of Alger Design Studio received approval from the Courthouse Square Preservation Commission to construct a second floor patio above and an enclosed patio with garage door below for the Ghost Soldier.

The Ghost Soldier–Creepy or Cool?

27 Oct

OK, I’m confused.

I went into The Ghost Soldier the other day to pick up a menu and check out the new digs (it’s in the spot where Blind Pig once stood if you’re wondering). I was under the impression that it was going to be turned into some type of Ole Miss memorabilia bar, but it had a very stark and uninviting atmosphere. Maybe it has something to do with the name Ghost Soldier, or maybe they aren’t through decorating?

I’m also having a hard time grasping how that name will roll off a person’s tongue when they’re looking for the next bar to hit on a Saturday night: “Hey guys, let’s go down some shots at The Ghost Soldier.” I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

I did, however, find out that they’ve added Adirondack chairs to the back patio, which should be nice on a warm summer day. Plus, they’ve kept a soup/salad/sandwich theme going in the space and are offering menu items such as a grilled chicken salad; California club sandwich; broccoli and cheese soup; and a build-your-own-sandwich option.

If you have your own thoughts/impressions, please let me know at foodie@eatingoxford.com

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