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You Said It: Favorite Meal in Oxford

28 Jul

On July 17, EatingOxford.com asked its Facebook and Twitter followers to complete the following sentence:

My favorite meal in Oxford is ____________________.

Check out the results below to see if anyone named your favorite!

Responses on Twitter

@lefreela: Literally anything from Ajax or Taylor Grocery

@SouthrnGrlRebel: I love the BBQ quesadilla @ Rib Cage Oxford.

@Bigrigy55: sliders at Blind Pig.

@rpkelly: Ajax meatloaf with cheese grits and squash casserole or boneless fried catfish from Taylor with hushpuppies, and sweet tea.

@laurambryant: alcohol

@hsessums: Catfish Lafitte 2000 at Bouré. Substituted mashed potatoes for the vegetable.

@MsBellaF: veggie plate at Ajax

@mhdean3: the chicken snackbar has in the fall along with their delicious grits!

@RyainAlexander: Matty’s mom’s meatloaf @ Ajax.

@OleMissRebelFan: gyro and hummus at Volta.

@cbuttgen: Ajax meatloaf, Mac-n-cheese and green beans.

@itsmeConnor: the four cheese pizza from Old Venice! Hands down the best.

@wbrisher: Country fried steak at Ajax. Really anything at Ajax.

Responses on Facebook 

Sarah Kathryn Hopkins: Mini burgers at Ravine

Massey Scott: Abita strawberry

Amanda Heins: Thai green curry with tofu at Rice and Spice

Shannon Renee: French Dip with sweet potato fries at Bouré

Food Pantry Fundraiser at Ravine May 24

20 May

Thursday, May 24, Ravine will host a special 3-course dinner (with a few extras here and there) to benefit Oxford’s Food Pantry, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary and honoring director emeritus June Rosentreter.

The cost will be $45 per person, with an optional wine pairing for $65, not including tax and gratuity. Reservations are suggested; call Ravine at 234-4555.

See Thursday’s event menu here. All profits will benefit The Pantry.

Ravine on Urbanspoon

Aphrodisiacs and New Menus at Ravine

26 Jan

Thursday’s art opening featuring Lisa Williamson of Memphis is the kickoff of several events coming up at Ravine.

The next food and wine pairing, scheduled for Wednesday, February 1, will carry the theme of “aphrodisiacs” as an early tribute to Valentine’s Day. The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. and the cost is $30 per person. Call Ravine for reservations at 234-4555.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day, while Ravine is usually closed on Tuesdays, it will be open to accommodate those who want to enjoy a romantic evening near the fireplace. Call early to reserve a spot.

New menus (all except brunch) have also surfaced since the start of the new year. Check them out on the restaurant’s website or peruse them in person.

Ravine on Urbanspoon

Wine and Food Pairing at Ravine Saturday

10 Nov

This Saturday, November 12, Ravine is having a casual wine and food pairing. Instead of a structured event starting at 6:00 p.m., you can come and go at whichever time you choose (reservations required).

There will be five wines, each paired with food, such as crab and fried green tomatoes, braised short rib ravioli, and spicy potato leek soup—all for just $20.

Contact Ravine at 662-234-4555 for more information and reservations.

Ravine on Urbanspoon

Restaurateurs Take a Summer Break

23 Jun

The time has come for summer fun, and restaurant owners are not excluded. Prepare for some of your favorite restaurants to close for summer vacation.

Lusa Pastry Cafe has already gone on summer break, with plans to return around July 12, and Ravine will be on summer vacation from June 27 to July 5th.

Know of any other restaurants taking a summer hiatus? Let us know about it!

Ravine Salutes the Uglesich’s

22 May

Famed New Orleans chefs Anthony and Gail Uglesich will be joining chef owner Joel Miller at Ravine on June 2nd for a Meet & Eat to benefit More Than a Meal.

The menu will include:

Appetizer: mini crawfish pies or shrimp and grits
1st Course: barbecue oysters or stuffed pasta shells
2nd Course: chicken and andouille gumbo or crabmeat Louis
3rd Course: shrimp uggie or Paul’s fantasy
(All meals include Vino del Sol’s Zolo Chardonnay and Zolo Malbec)

Tickets are $75 per person and available at Ravine or at Nella on the Square. Contact Ravine at 662-234-4555 for more information.

Ravine on Urbanspoon

How Green Are You?

21 Apr

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s been Green Week since Monday here in Oxford. Time to take stock of your impact on the environment. This means more than recycling a couple of cans and magazines; it also comes down to what you’re eating and where you’re obtaining your food. How often do you shop the Farmer’s Market? How much meat do you eat in any given week?

The Farmer’s Market, which is in full swing again, is a great place to start your shopping. Stocking up on fruits and vegetables that are in season and fresh from the grower is one of the best ways to buy local and support your community while being earth-friendly. There are also a multitude of farms in the area where you can find additional produce, dairy and meat before resorting to the large grocery stores that have products shipped in from across the country. Check out the site FarmtoMenu.com to find out about local farms and the Oxford restaurants that support them.

Melanie Addington had a very informative article in the Oxford Eagle on Monday about eating green. Something as simple as cutting down on the amount of animal products we eat can reduce methane gas emissions, hundreds of gallons of water and many other harmful gases that are produced with animal-based agriculture. Meg Shannon, who organizes monthly vegetarian potlucks, says that giving up even one pound of beef saves as much water as if you stopped showering for six months!

Some Oxford restaurants have started offering meat-free options, but many still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. If you’re attempting to have a meat-free night out (perhaps to support Green Week), you’re often left with the choice of french fries and salad (hold the bacon). I believe that savvy restaurateurs who include enticing meat-free options when putting together their menus reap the rewards from that decision. There are more vegetarians and “part-time vegetarians” in Oxford than many realize.

If you’re looking to celebrate Green Week by avoiding meat for a meal or two, some restaurants that are already offering meat-free options include:

  • Yocona in Exile (the rotating menu always includes a vegetarian option)
  • Honey Bee Bakery (daily menu always features an herbivore soup and entree option)
  • Taqueria el Milagro (menu has a vegetarian section)
  • Boure (mushroom melt – lunch)
  • Tallulah’s Kitchen (black bean burger)
  • Ravine (vegetarian pasta of the day)
  • Waltz on the Square (baked ziti)
  • The Bungalow (portabella sandwich)
  • Red House (ultimate grilled cheese)
  • Frank & Marlee’s (veggie burger)
  • Newk’s (tomato basil soup and pizzas)
  • Oby’s (veggie po-boy and wrap)
  • Bangkok Thai (several options)
  • Two Stick (several options)
  • Kabuki (several options)
  • Maharaja Indian Cuisine (many options)
  • Turkuaz Cafe (falafel)
  • The Deli News (The Appeal)
  • Blind Pig (vegetarian po-boy)
  • Parrish’s (black bean wrap)
  • Taylor’s Pub (black bean chipotle veggie burger)
  • Mink’s On the Park (The Southern Star)

For more information on Green Week, check out the dedicated website here.

Wednesday Tapas at Ravine

24 Feb

Photo: Ravine

In early February I mentioned the unveiling of a new tapas menu at Ravine. It’s now in full swing and offered exclusively on Wednesday evenings teamed with half-carafes of wine.

The complete menu is available online here and lists such items as a cheese plate with Bottletree ciabatta; hummus with housemade naan; beef tenderloin mini burgers; house ground beef and pork meatballs; fish tacos and crawfish beignets.

Prices on the Wednesday tapas menu range from $3 to $8.

Ravine on Urbanspoon

Art Teams With Tapas

2 Feb

This Thursday, February, 4th, new artwork from Keith Wiseman is going up on the walls at Ravine.

In celebration of Wiseman’s photographs being hung, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine will be served from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., providing a preview of the new tapas menu that will be a regular Wednesday offering.

For more information, call Ravine at 662-234-4555 and tell them EatingOxford.com sent you.

Ravine on Urbanspoon

A Holiday Gift to Oxford Vegetarians

28 Dec

After receiving an email from a concerned Oxford consumer about the unexpected addition of bacon in her salad while dining in a new restaurant in Oxford, I thought I’d address the diverse eating habits here in town. As someone with several friends who have lessened–or stopped altogether–their consumption of meat, I have observed restaurants that accommodate these special diets as well as those who blatantly disregard them.

As a University-based town, people move to Oxford, Mississippi, from all parts of the country as well as overseas. While they are aware that they are coming to the South (famous for its pork-based menu items), those who are vegetarians are also arriving with an expectation that there will be at least one meat-free option on a restaurant’s menu (not including fries). In addition, with so many more people concerned about where their meat is coming from nowadays, we’re seeing even more people transitioning over to a meat-free lifestyle.

Thankfully, there are several restaurants in Oxford that have included vegetarian options/entrees on their menus. Most vegetarians have learned, from experience, to ask about every ingredient (right down to the bacon fat used to make some biscuits and fries), and many restaurant owners have addressed consumer concerns and taken steps to make their establishments more vegetarian friendly.

Below is a list of Oxford restaurants with vegetarian options (at least one); if I’ve left anyone out, please let me know by commenting here or emailing me at foodie@eatingoxford.com. If you’re a vegetarian who likes to cook at home as well, check out the 101 Cookbooks blog. Thank you to all of the restaurant owners/operators who are sympathetic to the dietary needs of Oxford residents. To others, please consider adding an option to your menu or a note that invites vegetarians to ask their server for meat-free versions of existing menu items.

  • Red House Burgers & Blues
  • Tallulah’s/Catfish One
  • Panini
  • Deli News
  • Marie’s Lebanese Cuisine
  • Turkuaz Cafe
  • Kabuki
  • Yocona in Exile
  • The Bungalow
  • Ajax Diner
  • Big Bad Breakfast (if you eat eggs)
  • Boure (lunch menu)
  • Chili’s
  • Taqueria El Milagro
  • Maharaja Indian Cuisine
  • Parrish-Baker Pub
  • McAlister’s Deli
  • Bottletree Bakery
  • Honeybee Bakery
  • Two Stick
  • Newk’s
  • Bangkok Thai
  • Frank & Marlee’s
  • Nagoya Japanese
  • O.E.C. Japanese Express
  • Proud Larry’s
  • Volta Taverna
  • Oby’s
  • Phillips Grocery
  • Old Venice Pizza Co.
  • Downtown Grill
  • Varsity Grille
  • Ravine
  • Castle Hill Resort & Restaurant
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